Elephant in the room

I am no expert on cancer. I got diagnosed back in October. It was my first mammogram. I was encouraged by a friend who recently got diagnosed with breast cancer. If you have a chance, please read her blog. She is truly inspirational, she has been through so much and still is one of the most positive women you will ever meet.I am really lucky that I went for a mammogram when I did because it was the best time to find out that I did have something there.

After the mammogram, they sent me for a sonogram and then recommended a biopsy. Which came back positive and that’s when they said that I have what is known as Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) it occurs when breast cancer cells develop in the breast ducts. Some doctor’s don’t even call it breast cancer they call it pre-cancerous cells. But let me tell you, they will scare you and make you feel as if you are dying. I am not being dramatic but it’s true.

The first oncologist we saw mentioned a double mastectomy about a dozen times within the first 10 minutes of meeting with him. I pretty much ran out of there and decided to take a breather. I felt very overwhelmed and felt that I had to make a decision on something I had no knowledge on. My friend Dan, his dad is an oncologist and I ended up sending him my records to get a second opinion on my case. He was very insightful and instantly made me feel at ease. I changed hospitals and from the start, it just felt right. They are very professional, the staff is friendly and extremely accommodating. I hate hospitals but at least I am in good hands.

Since my diagnosis, I’ve had multiple biopsies, mammograms, MRI’s, etc… My current doctor recommended a lumpectomy on the left breast and a lift for the other one. Basically, I will have 20-year-old tits by the time this whole mess is done and if that is not something to look forward to within all this mess, I don’t know what is.

The treatment after the surgery really depends on what they find in the lymph nodes. The best case scenario is that the cancer did not spread and a simple radiation treatment will do. But if they do find that the cancer is in the lymph nodes they will remove as many lymph nodes as they need to in order to clear the area and then I may need chemotherapy.

It’s very easy to get anxious and worried about all the what-if’s in this kind of situation. I am learning that the best thing is to go with the flow. It is good to educate yourself and know what you are dealing with but it is pointless to worry about things that are out of your control.

Please send good vibes my way. My surgery is set for Friday, April 21st and I am so nervous!