After the storm


It has been about a month since the surgery and the recovery has been pretty smooth. Of course it’s such a pain in the butt to feel tender and sore and limited on the things that you can do but overall, I feel great. A couple of weeks ago I saw my surgical oncologist and he was a bit confused about treatment options for me. At the time of the lumpectomy they bumped me up from Stage 0 to Stage 1, ER+/PR+/HER2+. That basically changed the treatment that they had in mind prior to the surgery. My cancer was a bit more aggressive than what the biopsy had shown but still I fell short of the recommended chemo treatment. My doctor recommend that I see another oncologist.

The new oncologist was very confident that I need chemo as a preventative measure. He answered all my questions but was a little too dismissive of my concerns with the treatment. Although he was very nice and obviously an expert he really did make chemo seem as if it were a massage at the spa. Since then I have spoken to my own general doctor and Dan’s dad who is a oncologist and they both reassured me that the reason that he suggested chemo is because I am young and I will recover from it and that I will have great results from the treatment. And so it starts. I will have a port placed next month and shortly after start chemo. I am still so nervous and scared but I am trying not to over think the whole thing and just get on with it. The sooner it happens the sooner it ends.

I will keep you posted.



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